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Links to Books

These are other books about walks/ adventures that may be of interest (alphabetical). Although these books are usually available through Amazon or other large booksellers, if there is a site where you can purchase the book more directly from the author I will direct you there. Most authors are not getting rich and the big sellers take a huge discount.

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail, by David Miller. This is one of the best written and interesting accounts of a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail.
A Hike for Mike, by Jeff Alt. Jeff convinced his wife (Beth), a woman raised with the belief that vacations include hot showers, beaches, and warm beds, to chuck her domesticated amenities and "Take a Hike" to help her overcome the loss of her brother to suicide.
Ordinary Women, by Sue Carter. Ordinary Women is the exciting chronicle of the first all- women ski expedition from the Russian side of the planet to the North Pole. Hear a pocast interview with Sue at at The Spartan Podcast. (The interview with Sue begins about 11 minutes into the podcast.)
Planet Walker, by John Francis. I have not read this yet, but it sounds fascinating. Dr. Francis began his walking and sailing pilgrimage around the world in 1983, leaving from the village of Inverness on the California coast. During his journey across the United States, he earned an M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana and a Ph.D. in land resources at the University of Wisconsin. Read more about Dr. Francis at
A Walk for Sunshine, by Jeff Alt. Jeff dedicated his Appalachian Trail journey to his brother who has cerebral palsy, inspiring an annual fundraiser which has raised over $100,000 for the disabled home in which his brother resides.
Worldwalk, by Steven Newman. Steven's stories from his 1983 walk around the world, spanning 20 countries and 4 years. Now there's an adventure! Read more about Steven, and excerpts from another book of his Letters from Steven at

Other Media

Southbounders: A Film About a Journey on the Appalachian Trail.

Other Links

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North Country Trail Association. Learn more about the trail I love!
Get Off The Couch. Find places for muscle-powered recreation in western Michigan.
Get Off The Couch News. Recreation news from western Michigan. If you click through to their site it increases my rank on their site... an easy way to help!
Harriman Hikers- A North NJ Singles Hiking Club. They provide links to lots of hiking-focused sites.
Shark Enterprises. See other ways that I try to raise some cash to hold body and soul together. Unique gifts in the Emporium.

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